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October 2017

Testimonials for Practical Professional Feng Shui Seminar, Santiago, Chile:

“I am so glad to have been able to attend Teresa's Seminars in Santiago. They were very interesting, and I thank her for her generosity in sharing her own cases, that helps a lot to apply them in our work. It was also very good to review in depth what was learned over the years, and also know Teresa's vision to put them into practice. Thank you Teresa for your visit, your classes and for sharing so many tips for our work.
My best regards,”
Blanca Isabel Castro Sorensen Norgaard

“Fue maravilloso el seminario, muy interesante, me gusto la gentileza y la grandeza de Master Teresa para entregar su gran conocimiento en la materia. Es una gran maestra, lo demostró en todos esos días, tratando de hacerlo lo mas claro posible. Yo estoy muy contenta y muy agradecida. ”
Nancy Fuentes

“It was a pleasure to organize the courses of Master Teresa in Chile, who all times demonstrated her great knowledge and experience. She was very generous in sharing her knowledge, and in the course she showed many of her audits and cases studies. It was a great experience for me and all participants. I'm really grateful for you kindness and wisdom!”
Lucía Boero
Consultora y Feng Shui Master del Feng Shui Research Center
Formación FS 2017 - 30 de septiembre y 1 de octubre
Curso Feng Shui 2do Nivel - sábado 7 de octubre
Cel. +569 8219 6649
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“I recently attended PRACTICAL PROFESSIONAL FENG SHUI Seminar with Teresa in Santiago, Chile.

It was an excellent workshop with very informative materials, and many practical examples that I can implement right away. Not only did it refresh my memory (I have not actively practised Feng Shui for a while) but it was also very insightful, and made absolute sense in terms of the principles and their application. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to attend her seminar.
Best regards,”

Naomi Salsi

“All the courses Teresa taught in Santiago were very interesting and complete. We learned a lot, Teresa shared many of her experiences with us, and solved all the questions that arose. The teacher was very nice too.”
Tatiana Monsalve

“Lo que he aprendido con Master Teresa es fundamental para seguir completando mis estudios de Feng Shui. La enseñanza que transmitió Master Teresa Chung Hwang fue impecable. Ella tuvo mucha paciencia y ternura para explicarnos. El Seminario fue realmente inspirador y transformador. Nos dejó poderosas herramientas de aprendizaje y mucha disciplina.
Por último agradezco mucho a Lucía Boero por traerla a Chile.
Con admiración y cariño”
Mireya Corcione Santander

“Brillante el Curso Avanzado que dictó la Maestra Teresa Min Yee Hwang. Me gustó especialmente la aplicación práctica a través de sus casos de estudio realizados a sus clientes y las curas que ella aplicó en cada caso. Es muy interesante el modo como expuso sus experiencias. Todo lo que trató la Maestra Teresa lo atesoramos, aprendimos y en algunos casos nos sirvió de repaso de lo ya aprendido con Lucía durante estos años. Un abrazo afectuoso”
Nora Calderón

“The Feng Shui Practical Seminar for Consultants and Advanced Students, taught by Master Teresa Chung Hwang, has a slightly different conception of Feng Shui, complemented in a comprehensive way with the Feng Shui Teachings given to us by our Master Lucía Boero.
I feel that the most important thing I have learned with Master Teresa is fundamental to continue completing my Feng Shui studies.
Throughout my life as far as Feng Shui is concerned, I have tried very hard to have the great aspiration to reach - that place - that I was when Teresa gave the Seminar.
The teaching taught by Master Teresa Chung Hwang was impeccable. She had a lot of patience and tenderness to explain. I feel that in the days that we were in this Seminar a very positive atmosphere was created to continue deepening in the study of Feng Shui.
Very good methodology and order. The Seminar was really inspiring and transformative. It left us powerful learning tools and a lot of discipline. On the other hand, at least I acknowledge that: without the basis of Lucía Boero's excellent teachings, this Seminar would not have fulfilled its objective.
For me it was an experience that helps me touch the hearts of other people and at the same time touch my own heart.
Finally, I thank both Lucia and Teresa so that I could attend this Seminar which was beautiful, profound, full of wisdom, love and light.
With admiration and affection, ”
Mirella Corcione Santander

“ I attended the 3 day course "Practical Professional Feng Shui", as well as two short 2 hour seminars taught by Master Teresa in Santiago de Chile. After having been studying and practicing Feng Shui for three years now, including the Professional Modules by Feng Shui Research Center, MAster Teresa's classes helped me to have a much better understanding of qi and Feng Shui. I found her classes absolutely enlightening and worth attending.
Her deep understanding of Chinese metaphysics, together with her structured and clear explanations with her practical examples made it easy for all students to follow and learn from her. She is a very patient teacher, always eager to share her broad knowledge of Feng Shui with her students and to answer their questions.
I highly recommend her as a teacher to anyone who is interested in Feng Shui. I will most certainly make all the efforts to attend other seminars with her. Feng Shui is such a complex, rich field of studies, that I find it particularly relevant to have great, serious, honorable teachers. Teresa is certainly one of them.
If you have the chance to attend one of her seminars, don't miss it!
Thank you, Teresa.”
Milena Rafols

August 2017

Our Experience was 5 star worthy!

Tops and Bottoms Garments in Prince George has used Teresa Hwang's expertise in Feng Shui to choose the right setting for our newly expanded bra and clothing store. Her knowledge and her ability to sense purpose and intention and bring it together in the spirit of the Feng Shui philosophy is amazing, and has helped us beyond my expectations. It was very much worthwhile to hire Teresa as a professional to help us determine layout and colour.

After all we are in the business of helping women feel and look beautiful, and Teresa has brought harmony and peace into our store setting. Our clientele can feel and see that now. We had nothing but positive feedback.

Thank you so much dear Teresa. I am so grateful.

Kind regards,”

Susanne Wolf
Tops and Bottoms, Bras That Fit
1492 Second Avenue
Prince George, BC V2N 3B6

social #topsandbottomspg
250 614 1553

May 2017


“I first met Teresa a number of years ago, while I was planning and designing my real estate project in Kelowna BC. I searched for Feng Shui Masters in BC, and her name came up associated with a number of articles and published works.

I have always believed in the Feng Shui principles and Traditional Chinese Medicine; I wanted my mixed use project to be designed on a holistic wellness platform, as I truly feel the environments we are living and working in attribute so much to our well being, healing and success. Teresa was involved from early on in the project design. With 90,000 sq ft of residential and commercial medical space, I wanted to incorporate as much as I could into the core wellness and serenity of the space.

Teresa was amazing at suggesting colours, design tweaks, and collaborated whole heartedly with my Landscape Architect to design a serene yet vibrant outdoor garden space. The response from real estate buyers and investors has been nothing but positive. For the few that do not fully understand the concepts, I just pose a question to them: " Why would you not want to live and work in an environment that is comfortable and peaceful?� That to me is what Teresa assists my team with � comfortable and peaceful flow of energy. Period.

From the onset of our relationship it was comfortable, and easy as she devoted herself and skills to my project. Teresa is a valuable team member who recently has also guided our team to take advantage of the best dates and times to launch marketing and sales plans, coordinate digging and general planning. I can honestly say the Feng Shui principles have helped us immensely with our 2169Pandosy.com project.

From the business relationship to the personal realm, I have engaged Teresa to help my family and friends with dates, and guidance for a number of years now. I have personally found if there is a blockage or something I can't figure out with dates, times, decisions and milestones in my life, I just "call my Feng Shui Master". Sometimes it is just the clarification of some questions that I have found to be invaluable.”

Alana Marrington
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1 877 773 7071 cel 250 878 5182

Love where you Live
Love where you Lease
Pandosy Street Developments

April 2017

“Feng Shui is not superstition, it is based on science, a good Feng Shui master can use the Feng Shui applications to change the structure of the entire environment, and subsequently the cause and effect of change in the environmental qi. Feng Shui is to study a specific time and space of qi. It is a science that studies the relationship between the natural environment and man. Through the analysis of people inside and outside of the environment, it can take full advantage of the effective role of environmental qi, to achieve the purpose of avoiding the negative and benefit from the positive. Since taking over the Chinawok restaurant for more than a year, the business was flat, and work was not enjoyable, fortunately friends introduced Feng Shui Master Teresa Hwang to us, through her professional guidance, and changes in the restaurant decor, our business has improved day by day, our guests are also very satisfied with our furnishings. Hereby our recommendation to the business community, if you are unhappy and facing challenges, please contact Feng Shui Master Teresa to help you solve the problems, you can also visit Chinawok to see for yourself. ”
Marcus & Carmen Tsang
China Wok Restaurant Vernon BC
Facebook Page

May 2015

“I found Master Teresa Hwang's talk on �Feng Shui and Our Environment� very informative. It was an excellent overview with clear, descriptive slides and interesting examples from her work and from well-known historical sites. Master Hwang's expertise, confidence in Feng Shui, and her determination to help people was very apparent by the end of the talk. ”
Angela Smailes
Vancouver BC

April 2015

“Teresa’s detailed Feng Shui treatment of our home brought a surprise windfall of positive outcomes. We wouldn’t have chosen the color schemes that Teresa suggested but once on the walls we did a double take and realized that we loved the feel of the colors. The earth tones she suggested made a big difference in helping us to feel relaxed and at ease in our living room. I would have gone for some vivid, electric blues…not the qi we needed in that room. She pointed out the area of the house best for creative activities. And the front door to our house, Teresa discovered, was bringing in some sickness qi. That cemented our tendency to use the back door as a main entrance. She also showed us how to deal with that sickness qi with certain design elements. Teresa identified where our wealth qi was coming in and showed us how we could enhance that with gorgeous red colors in our bathroom and office which were a little bold for us but in the end we were amazed and delighted with the look and feel. Within a short time we noticed increased financial wealth as well as an improved sense of wellbeing. One day we realized we were laughing more and no wonder!”
Alannah Wells
Vancouver BC

“Teresa Hwang is deeply helpful in providing guidance on how to work with the different kinds of energies that flow through space. I appreciate her generous sharing of feng shui knowledge, which is very clearly communicated and grounded in a long history of practice. In helping me consider how to foster more harmony and balance between people, earth and the heavens, she supports my creative growth and personal development in very special ways.

Her ability to connect the seen and the unseen through feng shui--and being attuned to the relations between time, place, and human action--is a true gift that I greatly respect.”
Rita Wong
Author and Associate Professor
Emily Carr University of Art and Design

November 2014

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“We would like to give some feedback on the recent Qi Men Dun Jia Level 1 course we finished with Master Eduardo Hess and Dr. Ying Li. We thoroughly enjoyed these five days. The course was packed with knowledge and practical examples. We learned to construct the charts from scratch. We then concentrated our practice on health and sickness, love and relationships. We also touched on how to look at the Feng Shui of a house from the Qi Men Dun Jia chart. What we discovered was really profound on so many levels.

For example, we looked at the chart of a sick lady who was hospitalized. We could see the cause of the sickness and also how her condition is related to the Feng Shui of her house, using the Turning Pan Chart. Furthermore, we could see the medical solution for her and recommended the changes needed in her bedroom and dining room.

In another case, which was fascinating, involved a man who repeatedly went to the hospital. The Qi Men Dun Jia chart gave a clear indication as to the root cause of the disease, which later was confirmed by the doctors and easily treated.

We thank Master Eduardo Hess and Dr. Ying Li and especially Master Joseph Yu, for the preparation and presentation of the material.

We also want to thank Master Joseph Yu for laying the groundwork for this fascinating multi-dimensional study from a number of years ago.

We look forward to the next levels which will involve wealth and investments, career choice and development, etc.

Chee Vui Liaw

Teresa Min Yee Hwang
Master of Feng Shui & Lecturer, FSRC
Chinese Astrologer
Certified Interior Designer
Vernon, BC

Yona Faust
Chinese Metaphysics
Expert Practitioner & Teacher

Mag. Conny Racher
Coaching für Raum und Mensch
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobil: +4369912128799

Marija Chandler
Vacation Rental Booking Agent/Client Services
Marija Chandler Laguna Vacations
Arizona USA

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“Learning about Face Reading adds another amazing layer to the study of Chinese metaphysics. Studying Mian Xiang Level 2 with Master Hwang in Vernon was most rewarding. The course material has been very nicely prepared and presented – I look forward to the next modules!”
Diana Krauss
Kelowna BC

“The course is excellent. It was taught systematically with real live examples for practical applications.  The contents of the course are well organized and arranged neatly in a binder for future reference. 

I highly endorse and recommend the course.”

Dr. Leo Lou

“I took Mian Xiang Face Reading Modules 1 & 2 from Teresa Hwang of the FSRC and enjoyed the classes immensely.

Teresa is a knowledgeable teacher that takes the time to answer all her students questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. The 4 day class on face reading provided me with many practical tools to use in my Feng Shui practice; and the many case studies we reviewed as a class were helpful in making sure we understood all principles being taught.

I would highly recommend these classes to anyone wanting to learn more about the world they live in and people they interact with.”
Tricia Vanier
Tricia Vanier Interiors
tkvanier at gmail.com
Vancouver BC

“Teresa’s passion for the fundamentals of Feng Shui and Chinese metaphysical studies is utterly amazing. I recently completed her 4 day FSRC Mian Xiang Face Reading course, at the beautiful Sparkling Hill Wellness Resort in Vernon BC. Teresa executed a very informative, detailed, and professionally prepared course.  She has a way of teaching which makes everyone feel comfortable and at ease. 
You truly have a gift my friend.”
Lana Polman-Tuin
Livin InStyle Homes & Development

“Dear Teresa,
I wish to let you know how much I enjoyed the Mian Xiang Seminar (modules I + II). Your knowledge combined with your kindness and patience made me realize what a great tool it is, I’m convinced it is going to serve me in all my practices.

Thank you so much, Mian Xiang seminar with you as a teacher exceeded my expectations!

Looking forward to next modules,
Best Qi”
Yona Faust
Chinese Metaphysics
Expert Practitioner & Teacher

“This was an amazing 4 day course. Teresa is an excellent teacher, and attracted a very interesting group from all over the world. I would highly recommend this course and looking forward to taking more!”
Shelley Sproule
RN Vernon Jubilee Hospital

“Teresa’s Face Reading course was an excellent and easy to understand presentation.
Teresa was always courteous and ready to answer questions.
I look forward to further courses.”
Sonya Lansing
Vernon BC

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October 2013

“Hello Master Hwang,
Firstly, thank you so much. It was really an awesome experience.

Attending your FSRC 1-4 modules was an amazing experience and was an eye opener for me about Feng Shui, as compared to how I used to perceive it between a “myth” from the Great Chinese Ancient History, and “scam” from all the scammers giving Feng Shui a bad name.

Everything in the universe is all about “BALANCE”, it is a task with extreme difficulty. I have learned a lot from you about Chinese Classical Feng Shui, and about the balance of qi - the “YIN & YANG” in Feng Shui. You have set out to make a believer out of me about Chinese Classical Feng Shui.

Master Hwang you are an excellent teacher, with your open style of instruction and group discussion. It was a great way of starting to learn and study Feng Shui. I am trying to learn and comprehend more about Feng Shui from now on slowly and surely. Hopefully I will have an opportunity to learn from you again in the future!

Once again thanks for sharing your wisdom and your great hospitality.
Best Regards,”
Warren Ta
Shinaius Incorporated & Finance Manager
T and T Honda
Calgary, AB

September 2013

“I have just finished taking FSRC Professional Feng Shui Modules 1-4 with Teresa in Vernon. I am so glad that I decided to go with Teresa as a teacher. Teresa has a lot of knowledge of Feng Shui. She passes on the practical knowledge of Feng Shui that she has experienced in her own practice. I have learned so much information from the class. She does go into great detail. Teresa is a fantastic teacher. You can ask questions and she is willing to answer, and review the subject with you until you understand what is going on. Her teaching style is quite forward, straight to the point, easy to listen and understand. I totally recommend Teresa to anyone who wants to learn Traditional Chinese Feng Shui from a very very good Master! Teresa Hwang!
My Linh Tran
Vancouver BC
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July 2013

“I recently attended the 'Your Destiny & You' workshop with Master Hwang in Vernon, BC. The weekend was well attended with two other Bazi colleagues and some ladies new to the world of Chinese astrology and destiny charting. Master Hwang was able to deliver the information for the new people to learn and at the same time clarify and reinforce the concepts for those of us with more experience.

Master Hwang's teaching seminars are thorough and in-depth and always gently reminding us that the basic fundamentals are of most importance.”
Diana Krauss
Kelowna, BC

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“Destiny Analysis is a very intriguing area of study, and the complexity and difficulty of this subject are important factors to consider when looking for a good teacher. The recent Destiny & You workshop that Teresa Hwang offered clearly showcases Master Hwang as a highly qualified and charismatic teacher who is able to inspire and captivate her audience. In a class ranging from novices to professionals, Teresa was able to clearly define the formulas, methods and connections that need to be learned without confusing those new to the subject, and yet still engaging those ready for more advanced explanations.”

I highly recommend Teresa Hwang to anyone wishing to learn about their destiny, whether on a personal or professional level.”
Samantha Plovie
Vernon, BC

“Thank you Teresa……….for sharing your wisdom and specialty this past weekend.

I especially appreciate you taking the time to personalize the learning process. This helps me connect and identify with the material, and I am better at being able to retain the information.

I feel excited to continue with the process of learning to understand my Bazi chart, and gain more awareness of my own destiny.”
Kristy Higgins, RPC, MPCP
Registered Professional Counselor
Therapeutic Life Counseling (TLC)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“I really enjoyed attending the workshop on Sunday. You have provided me with very useful and interesting information.

You truly are a great Master, thank you for sharing your gift.”
Shirley Higgins
Event Planner
Vernon, BC

“I would just like to thank Teresa for an interesting 2 days. Feng Shui and the Four Pillars of Destiny is a fascinating and complex subject. Teresa provides the information in a much organised way, providing students with lots of written material to refer to.”
Sandie N.
Vernon, BC

April 2013

Your Destiny and You Workshop Series:
“Teresa, hats off to you!  I truly enjoyed spending time with you learning how to read a Bazi Chart. You are a very skilled and confident instructor that presents complex information in a learner friendly manner.  I appreciated how concisely you presented the information, each session building on what was learned previously. Well done!

Many thanks for time well spent and great handouts, love my color coded binder.” 
Shirley Higgins
Event Planner
Vernon, BC

“Teresa has the unique ability to break down complex concepts into manageable pieces of information that provide insight and understanding of Chinese Feng Shui principles. I am grateful to Teresa for sharing her profound wisdom and value her practical, organized teaching style. I gained valuable information about reading Bazi charts and look forward to building on this knowledge.”

Kristy Higgins, RPC, MPCP
Registered Professional Counselor
Therapeutic Life Counseling (TLC)
kristy.higgins at shaw.ca

March 2013

“Attending any course with Master Teresa Hwang is always an invigorating journey into knowledge that opens so many doors, and this recent delve into the 'Destiny and You' workshops was as exciting as ever! Destiny analysis is multi-layered and complex, yet Teresa was able to make light of each area we discussed, giving real life experiences and solutions to decisions we need to make every day.

Once you have an understanding of how you think, what motivates you and where you should be going, you will find it easier to make better and more informed decisions that will support you. Whether you seek to be a professional consultant, or would simply like to understand more about your own destiny, this course will set you on a path of discovery that you will never regret.”
Samantha Plovie
Vernon BC

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Your Destiny and You Workshop:
“I had the pleasure of attending Teresa Hwang's first of four workshops as part of the 'Your Destiny & You' series in February and March of 2013. I planned to attend the first workshop because I knew it worked with my schedule and wished to experience the first workshop before committing to the following ones.

Let me just say: after the first workshop, I was 'hooked' and attended the subsequent three workshops!

With deep knowledge and a straightforward approach, Teresa guided me and other participants through a basic understanding of our BaZi charts. I gained a much greater understanding and appreciation of my unique make-up: my personality and values; my relationship with others; my intrinsic goals; and my life's 'record'. I truly enjoyed learning more about myself and how I can make changes to my life knowing my strengths and weaknesses.

I certainly recommend attending Teresa's 'Your Destiny & You' workshops to any individuals interested in knowing more about themselves and their lives.
Warm regards,”
Kirsti Kirkness
Certified Image Consultant
AICI Canada VP Membership 2012-2013

Your Destiny and You Workshop:
“Doug and I found the Your Destiny & You Workshop very informative. The workshop certainly peaked our interest to learn more.

We are currently working our way through the Complete Idiot's Guide to Feng Shui: 3rd edition, which is absolutely fascinating. We can see that Chinese metaphysics is all encompassing, and an art that takes years of learning and practice. My first introduction to Feng Shui was Western Feng Shui, and we now know there is a huge difference to Western versus "Traditional Chinese" Feng Shui.

Being informed about our individual destiny and luck brings a certain excitement to the possibilities for the future. We loved your style of teaching and humour. For anyone who is the least bit curious, I would highly recommend taking any of the courses you offer.
Thank you again Teresa, and best qi,”
Doug and Sandra Walter
Armstrong BC

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April 2012

Dynamic Feng Shui:
“As a dedicated student of the Feng Shui Research Centre in Toronto, I am honoured and very thankful to receive inspirational tutelage directly from Master Teresa Hwang. In this recent course of Dynamic Xuan Kong Feng Shui, Teresa was able to introduce more of the intricate layers of her knowledge, incorporating her natural gift of leadership, benevolence, motivation and above all wisdom. Any study in Chinese Metaphysics is intense, and yet Teresa brings both humour and every day understanding to a subject that is shrouded in mystery. Her ability to explain areas clearly and concisely with relevant case studies, opens a person's mind to the possibilities within, and inspires one to delve deeper. If you are looking for an advanced understanding of feng shui, then Teresa is the teacher for you. Not one to ever use her well deserved accreditation as a title; she will give you that smile and wait for you.... for when the student is ready, the master will appear...”

Four Pillars of Destiny:
“Having completed the four pillars of destiny (4P) correspondence course, it was an absolute pleasure to attend the recent live course with Master Teresa Hwang here in Vernon. 4P is complex, intricate, difficult and fascinatingly deep: all making it a subject that requires much study/practice to fully comprehend. Teresa understands how to lay a path for students to walk down so that they may carefully and diligently place one foot in front of the other, without running ahead and stumbling off the path. Her guidance is the key for our success, as 4P has many formulas, rules and guidelines: all must be learnt in sequence, and then carefully set aside so that we may think 'out of the box'. 4P is not a textbook course, it requires thinking on multiple levels, always referring back to formulas, and yet incorporating intuition and instinct at every turn. With Teresa presenting clearly defined case studies, I felt both humbled and yet confident that I would be able to master this new level of study. There is a reason why Teresa is both a Master and a Lecturer from the Feng Shui Research Centre in Toronto; she has earned every certification with hard study and gracious style. Her consideration for others and attention to detail is second to none, and anyone who is lucky enough to study within her reach is a very lucky individual indeed.

I thank you dear Shifu for your guidance and support, for giving me a strong foundation from which I can build. You have always taught that a life should have many Masters, and I am truly lucky that you are one of mine! ”
Samantha Plovie
Vernon, BC

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“The two weeks with Master Teresa Hwang and classmates expanding our knowledge of Feng Shui was incredible. The Dynamic Flying Star course was excellent as a review to cement the foundation information, and then further enhanced to the next level with the adding of finer points. The Business Feng Shui course put it all together at another layer; the Four Pillars of Destiny course was even more exciting. Master Hwang is very patient with the questions asked, wanting to be sure we understand the concepts, while knowing it will all come clear with time. She is always available to answer questions, and provide direction on areas of difficulty – we feel more confident knowing that she is there for continued guidance and support. Thank you, Teresa!”
Diana Krauss
Vernon, BC

“Learning the Four Pillars of Destiny with Master Teresa Hwang is not only a gift that I am going to be able to share with my clients, but also a gift to myself. Having a deeper understanding of one’s self allows us to lead the path of least resistance. I feel privileged to have Teresa as a Master and to guide me in my journey; she is a patient and kind teacher and a wealth of knowledge.

Taking the Four Pillars of Destiny course with Master Teresa Hwang was a wonderful learning experience. I am honored to have her as my mentor, my friend and my sifu.”
Chelan Oyarzun
Auspicious Feng Shui Designs
Certified Feng Shui Consultant/Designer
chelan at auspiciousfengshui.com

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October 2011

“I recently took the FSRC Professional Feng Shui Practitioner Training Courses Modules 1 - 4 with Teresa, and it was an amazing experience.

From the first day I was impressed with Teresa's open teaching style, and by the end of the course, I felt confident doing the first of my Feng Shui Audits. Teresa's down to earth attitude, and her openness to share her experiences made the days go by quickly. I have greatly expanded my knowledge of Feng Shui's history and the intricacy of this metaphysical study. I also received practical information for using this new knowledge in my design business.

I am thankful to have Teresa as a mentor and teacher, and look forward to many more learning opportunities with her.”
Shelley Wright
Wright Interiors
Comox, BC
shelleywright at shaw.ca

September 2011

“I have been intrigued by Feng Shui for a number of years and was thrilled to finally meet Master Teresa Hwang. It was very exciting to find out she was holding a FSRC Professional Practitioner Training course, and in the same city as where I live! The material covered was very interesting and quite different from what is typically portrayed in other Feng Shui books I have read. Not at all what I expected. This has opened up a whole new appreciation of the Cosmic realm of the Heaven/Earth/Man relationship - I can see this is just the beginning of the learning and a new way of life.”
Diana Krauss
Vernon, BC

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“Yuki and I were overwhelmed when creating our new restaurant. Now our customers comment on how beautiful the space is - calm, warm, inviting & "feels good". We couldn't be more happy with the success of our new space. Thank-you so much Teresa for your guidance - we certainly appreciate it & continue to benefit from it.”
Amanda & Yuki
Bamboo Beach Fusion Grille
Vernon BC
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August 2011

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Testimonial for Teresa Hwang’s professional service:
“I enjoy working closely with Teresa and receiving her Feng Shui wisdom. For the past five years I have consulted with Teresa in both residential and multiple commercial sites on Feng Shui analyses. We have communicated over the telephone, email and done several on-site analyses. She is prompt in answering questions and explaining ideas in plain English language. With the guidance from Teresa, my orthodontic office (http://www.centralorthodontics.ca/office-tour.php) has been built in accordance with the Feng Shui principles to create a harmonious working environment and flow of energy. I continue to work closely with Teresa. I can wholeheartedly endorse and give my highest recommendation for Teresa’s work and service. Please feel free to contact me.”
Dr. Leo Lou
leolou99 at hotmail.com

February 2011

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“Attending any one of Master Teresa Hwang's seminars is always an enjoyable event. This past Sunday, January 31st, Master Hwang kept us captivated with her enlightening insights into our new Yin Metal Year of the Rabbit. Such a complex subject, with so many converging layers, Teresa masterfully navigates the audience through this maze of feng shui and it's long reach into our every day life. Who doesn't want to hear how their year is shaping up? Is it a year to grow the business? Is it a year to lay low? Well, spend some time with Master Teresa Hwang, and the clarity you seek shall unfold before your eyes. Having attended many events with key note speakers, it was a pleasure to become enthralled by a knowledgeable storyteller, who kept my interest, and yet peaked my curiosity all at the same time. Thank you Teresa, for not only sharing your extensive knowledge, but for selflessly fundraising for such a deserving Vernon family. You are appreciated by so many, and your generosity is admirable and inspiring!”

Samantha Plovie
Vernon BC

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September 2010

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“After finishing the Business Feng Shui course, I feel motivated, and confident in the wealth of knowledge I received from Teresa. She is a wonderfully patient teacher with so much to give. Teresa is making our world more harmonious for one student and one client at a time, and I am so happy to be a part of it. Thank you Teresa!”
Chelan Oyarzun
Summerland BC
chelan1 at shaw.ca

“Working under the guidance of Teresa Hwang in our recent Business Feng Shui course has been a tremendously invigorating experience. This course had multiple layers of intricate information, yet Teresa has put it all together in a clear and concise fashion, always listening and encouraging to her students. Having completed this Business Feng Shui course, I now have the confidence to take my own business into this realm, offering precise and accurate recommendations to my own clients, knowing my knowledge is up to date and transferable.

Thank you Teresa for once again offering a wonderful course, where I can learn so much to enhance not only my own knowledge, but use for practical application to help those around me! ”
Samantha Plovie
Vernon BC

“I would like to thank Teresa for another excellent presentation. I have just completed the Business Feng Shui course. This is a great addition to her FSRC Professional Courses and is helpful for business and residential consultations. Teresa is patient with her students and makes sure that we understand the material presented.

Thank you for your assistance with specific problems, which demonstrates real situations and makes the courses even more informative for all of us.”
Thank you Teresa
Pam deBoer
Swansea Point BC
hpdeboer at cablelan.net

August 2010

Hello Teresa,

“We would like to thank you for your very professional Feng Shui help in the design of our new home. After living in it for awhile now, we can recognize that our life has changed to the even better - negative influences of health seem not to affect us here; and our house is filled with friends, family and company, they all enjoy the tranquility and restful ambiance in our new home.

We would highly recommend your services, as the result seems to work well for us…….on top of that, the dealings with you were kind and professional. ”
AJ and Klaus
Vernon BC

“I had Teresa Hwang to use the Traditional Chinese Feng Shui principles on my floor plans when I built my new house. Everyone has commented on the welcoming balance of energy and peacefulness that has been captured, and a wonderful sense of calmness that prevades each room.

I would recommend Teresa to anyone that is interested in having a bit of balance brought into their lives.”
Vernon BC

July 2010

“I am in the spa industry for 28 years, and like to provide high end services. When I decided to open my own spa, I asked Teresa Hwang to take a look at my new location, and give me advice for the best décor and layout for my business according to Feng Shui principles, to ensure I will be successful in my new venture.

Teresa was very helpful and very detail oriented in all the aspects of my plan, which made it easier for me to come up with the decoration colors, and arrangement of the furnishing within my spa.

We are operating for five months now, and I believe we are very successful so far. Thank you Teresa for your beautiful advice!”
Suzanna Tarsoly
Solace Authentic European Esthetics & Day Spa
Vernon BC

“Miss Teresa..........We can't thank you enough for the advice since 2003. You really are an extremely knowledgeable master in Feng Shui. Your analysis did turn our life into a more peaceful and happier one. We're going to enjoy the new beautiful "yellow" color in our bedroom.
Best Regards,”
Susie and Charles
Henderson, NV

“Teresa Hwang's Feng Shui courses were an amazing and life changing experience for me. I felt like my life and career were missing something......and I found it through Teresa’s teachings. I am currently practicing the principles on my own home and look forward to helping my clients by applying it in my Interior Design business. Thank you Teresa, you are an extraordinary person.”
Chelan Oyarzun
Summerland BC
chelan1 at shaw.ca

June 2010

“When a person chooses a direction they wish their career to go, rarely do they have the good fortune to be blessed with an instructor who both challenges their mind, stimulates their curiosity, and remains openly encouraging and positive! Having recently completed the FSRC Professional Feng Shui practitioner training Modules 1-4, I can truly say that Teresa Hwang embodies both the professional and human approach to Feng Shui. Her clear and precise teaching method kept me on track, and yet her attention to detail and openness allowed me to ask many questions, encouraging me to learn in a way that I could really understand. It is well known that Teresa has studied Feng Shui and it's subsidiary teachings for many years, she has embraced this learning herself, and it transfers so readily to any who study beside her.

For anyone that has ever wandered into the fascinating world that is Feng Shui, it is clear to see that this is a lifelong study, not a professional "job" where you can take a course, pass the test (if you are lucky) and have an amazing career. So for those of us who have chosen this life's path, I can only hope that your own path crosses that of Teresa Hwang's; for you will be truly blessed, and her amazing smile will stay with you forever!

Thank you Teresa for showing me this wondrous path, I look forward to our next class, and many more hours of interesting discussion!”
Samantha Plovie
Feng Shui Practitioner

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January 2010

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“Hi Teresa:
All the best to you this New Year!

Even though it took about 6 months, I thought I'd share the painted office with you - as I am totally in LOVE with it. How I lived with that bland green color for 2.5 years is beyond me. You were bang on with the fact this is a 'fire' room, it's only been two work days and I just love coming in here.

So thank you! Hopefully I'll be able to change the direction the business took last year (which was horrible) into a prosperous New Year.

Kindest regards,”
Stacey Copeland
Axis Insurance Managers Inc.
Vernon BC

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September 2009

“Teresa, thank you for such a wonderful learning experience. I had no idea that I would glean so much information. It is mind boggling the effectiveness of Feng Shui. We were gifted to have the opportunity to receive your tremendous knowledge. I now understand that there are many different methods of Feng Shui and we were blessed to receive the most complete form due to your vast experience, past studies and implementations. You definitely exemplify living the Feng Shui principles.

There was a lot of information! You were very organized and your Powerpoint presentation was very orderly and complete. I felt very comfortable, at ease and enjoyed your sense of humour. I especially enjoyed you sharing your hands on experiences. I appreciated the copious amounts of binder notes you provided so I could jot notes down for review. The hands on case studies were very helpful to enrich our learning process. We could apply the formulas and theories and have a greater understanding of how all of the information works together! Now we just have to practice, practice, practice!

I look forward to taking your 4 Pillars course and the gardening course in the very near future. I believe that this will be a foundation that I will constantly seek to improve and build on.

I am confident that this information will guide my new career direction and be the catalyst for success!

Again, thank you for your teachings and we will definitely meet again!
Kindest regards, ”
Alanna Thomas
White Rock BC Canada

June 2009

“Hi Teresa,
Thank you for an interesting seminar on Feng Shui in the Garden. This short seminar covered a lot of information, but your focus on the importance of balance and beauty made a subject that could be difficult quite easy to apply, even for people with no previous knowledge of Feng Shui.

Thanks again! ”
Pam deBoer
Swansea Point BC

May 2009

“Teresa provides an incredible balance of knowledge, intuition and sense of humour to her work.
Thanks so much! ”
Gladys Fraser
Vernon BC

“Dear Teresa,
I really appreciate your dedication and devotion to feng shui teachings ... walking with you through this amazing path gave me more tools to help more people back in my country ... all the course information was simply amazing!
Thanks again, ”
Indhira Sochandamandou
San Salvador El Salvador

“Dear Teresa,
Yes, all is well in Switzerland. Martin and I both have good jobs, and are enjoying Europe with lots of travelling. Feng Shui is still a part of our life, and we have only good memories about you and your great help. I still think Feng Shui gave us the spirit to find our way back to our roots. Best wishes to you and your family. ”
Christine Hunziker
Interlaken Switzerland

April 2009

“Hi Teresa,
Thank you for another great course. I was a bit nervous about taking the 4 modules of the FSRC Professional courses so soon after the 4 Pillars of Destiny Essential Course, but with Teresa being such a good teacher, I found that the courses complimented each other.

Thank you for your patience with us, and explaining the parts that we had questions about so well. I would recommend these courses to anyone who is interested in Feng Shui, both personally and especially professionally.
Thank you again Teresa.”
Pam deBoer
Swansea Point BC Canada

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“Teresa, I do so want to thank you for the time and effort you put forth teaching your students. I felt so welcome and comfortable with your teaching style, and even though some days I felt inadequate with all the great information (not having much Feng Shui experience), by the end of the 2 Feng Shui Practitioner courses I felt I finally had learned something of great value, that I can pursue further either as a part time or full time career.

I find the Classical Feng Shui to be the one true form, and hope to be able to share this knowledge with others as I practice this skill. Master Yu can be proud to have you as part of his ensemble. I will value the time I spent with you in Vernon both on a professional and personal level as one of my top accomplishments in recent years.

Thank you again and rest assured I will be raving about you and your courses to anyone who may want to learn Classical Feng Shui the right way.”
Heather Lamoureux
Winnipeg, MB

March 2009

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“Thank-you Teresa.

I have just finished taking the 4 day Four Pillars of Destiny Essential Course. It was very informative and interesting. There was a great amount of information which Teresa presented in a way that was easy to follow, and she was patient with any questions which we had. We had our own charts analyzed during the course, and I found this helpful in understanding myself.

I am looking forward to taking the FSRC Professional Course in April with such a good teacher. There is so much interesting information in such a short time, but the Four Pillars course will be very helpful both with the FSRC Professional course and in my future practice. Thank-you again Teresa. ”
Pamela deBoer
Swansea Point, BC

“As always, Teresa is an extremely knowledgeable instructor and her presentation is well organized and extremely informative. I am still overwhelmed by the amount of things we learned during the 4 days of the Four Pillars of Destiny Essential Course, but I'm sure the material will help me succeed in the future.

It was also a great experience to have my chart analyzed during the course by someone like Teresa! Her analysis has given me direction in life, and it also has helped me better understand myself.

I highly recommend this course as well as the Feng Shui certification courses!
Sincerely, ”
Naomi Salsi
Vancouver BC

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October 2008

“Dear Teresa,

I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, in your recent course teaching of the FSRC Professional training Modules 3 & 4.

I am so glad that I took the courses as I now have a better understanding of Feng Shui, and a lot more interest in learning more. Since your courses ended 2 days ago, I have already booked one consultation with a new client, and am working on my own brochures and business cards. As you have given me the confidence and knowledge to start building my own business, and helping others to better their lives.

Teresa, I understand why you are successful, and like you said what goes around comes around.
Thank you again, ”
Pamela Robinson
Abbotsford, B.C.
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“I would like to thank Teresa for a wonderful course in Feng Shui.

I was really nervous about learning Feng Shui in such a short period of time as it seemed so complicated and overwhelming. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher for my intro to Feng Shui class. She has vast real world experience that she brings to the class.

She is very organized and presents very thorough information on each topic. In addition, she provides lots of examples from her work as a professional in the applicable topic, this adds greatly to the richness of the experience.

I am looking forward to taking the next course she will be teaching.
Best regards,”
Naomi Salsi
Vancouver, B.C.

September 2008

“I attended your Feng Shui & The Garden seminar hosted by the Vernon Garden Club, and found it so interesting and inspiring. I am in the midst of rearranging our gardens, and the information you gave was so helpful. I took lots of notes, so will be reviewing the information as I consider my planning. I love the philosophy of the Qi energy, and how we can create harmony in our environment. I look forward to attending further seminars and workshops that you offer in Vernon. Much appreciation for your offering of learning at the seminar. You did my destiny chart this spring, and this seminar provided me with more understanding of the Feng Shui practice.”
Gwen Hartland
Vernon, B.C.

June 2008

“Teresa was a wonderful teacher; I learned more information in 8 days than I was ever able to grasp at one time. I took her course "FSRC Profession Certification Courses Modules 1 - 4". She thoroughly answered every one of our many questions, and I feel confident using Feng Shui to enhance other peoples lives.

I would like to thank Teresa for changing the way I feel about life. I would recommend anyone interested in gaining the knowledge of Feng Shui to take Teresa's courses.

"Live, Love, Laugh and Learn" ”
Jacquelynn Shaw
Peachland, B.C

March 2008

“Business is just great after meeting Teresa Hwang!

Business was alright for both Dawn Collins of Concept Physiotherapy and me Marylyn Bell of Interior TCM Acupuncture Clinic. However when Dawn decided to move from the Seville building to the Fruit Union Plaza we both knew we needed help as it was a bit leap from where we were.

Since I work with Chinese medicine I am fully aware of the flow of Qi and how it works in the body. So I mentioned to Dawn that Teresa Hwang is a Feng Shui Master and it would be advantageous to have her expertise. So we did.

It was such a pleasure for both of us to meet and consult with Teresa in July 07. We were starting with a totally bare space. Dawn designed the layout and Teresa recommended the colours in different locations and beneficial additions we needed in the decor to assist the flow of Qi.

We moved in Sept 07 and it has been amazing ever since. Yes people always say location, location, location, however let me tell you there is even more than location. Even the patients are aware of the difference.

If you are ever thinking about calling Teresa, stop thinking and just call, you will be amazed at the remarkable changes that take place whether it is in your home or office space!!

Thank you so very much for all your precious guidance and continued friendship.”

Marylyn Bell, Dipl.OM, R.Ac
Interior TCM Acupuncture Clinic
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“I registered myself into Teresa's Classical Feng Shui professional training courses in May of 2007. It was a 2 week intensive training, covering 4 modules of Classical Feng Shui Studies.

The most impact that the course had on me was that I could very clearly say that it was�the best course ever!�I certainly felt at ease, fully looked after, powerfully engaged and educated by this skilled and knowledgeable Master.

Teresa's way of being wonderfully puts one at ease with oneself; she is loving and caring, authentic and present. She desires to serve and have others be left with feeling powerfully informed and skilled in what they do. She is very flexible and always open to new ideas. This was evident in her agreement to have the location of the course be moved to a much more inspiring location in one of the Gulf Islands just 3 days into the course! She thought how her students would benefit from being in powerfully life supporting qi/chi, in order to learn and develop themselves and supported that fully!

I adore and respect Teresa. I am very honored and proud to call her my Master. She is generous with information to the questions that I have in my practice.

The courses that I took were much more worth in value than the cost of it, and I would highly recommend any of the courses that she teaches. This being that I value and trust the knowledge, integrity and power of this Master who desires that her students be the best that they can be!
With much gratitude and respect,”
Thank you,
Tien Wee
Feng Shui&Green Design Consultant, Vancouver BC

“As a Certified Natural Health Practitioner and a Metaphysical Consultant energy is a language I understand. So it was without hesitation after meeting Teresa I asked her to Feng Shui my Studio.

With astute professionalism, attention to detail, suggestions, examples, etc. Teresa provided a detailed and creative floor plan to implement positive Qi.

At a minimal cost, a change of paint, a movement of furniture, a picture hung in the appropriate spot, an art object of a specific shape and�Voila!!!! The improvement is amazing.

My clients have always commented on the serenity of the Studio, but without surprise, since the changes, they are even more amazed at the overall�feel�of the space. And the continued growth of my business seems to be flowing with fewer interruptions.

I also had Teresa do my Four Pillars of Destiny Chart.

With Teresa's professionalism and knowledge she most definitely stands out from her peers. After listening intently and following some of the many tips and suggestions in combination with my own awareness, I believe my Qi is now flowing freely and smoothly, which has in turn encouraged a healthier and happier me. For this I am grateful.

It is with the grace of the Universe that Teresa and I are now partners in a magical union of knowledge and wisdom.�Ac-scent-uating your Destiny�is a combination of the ancient wisdom of the Four Pillars of Destiny Chart and Aromatherapy. With this unique combination the clients become aware of the opportunities available to create harmony and balance in their lives.

For all of this I say 'Thank You!'

May peace, love, joy and happiness reside in our hearts always.”
Carla Briggs
The Pickled Onion Day Spa and Wellness Studio, Vernon BC

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October 2007

“We opened in our new location in March 2004.

Starting out, creating a new look for the store, many aspects had to be addressed. We had to work with existing colours, green carpet, paintings, and new Maple show cases. The main challenge was to combine all these items and find a concept, especially the colour for the walls, the location of the cash register, work and sales areas, clocks, jewellery and art display, etc. according to the chi/qi of the space.

After consulting with you Teresa, and following your advice, it all came together in creating a strong presence for the store. I did appreciate how you paid close attention to details.

As to the performance of our new location, I can sum it up best in one single statement - business doubled in the first year and growing steadily.

It is a pleasure working with you Teresa.
Kindest Regards”

Rainer Hagemann
Hagemann Jewellers, Vernon BC
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“I have to comment on the feng shui treatment that your daughter and student Christine did with your guidance last summer. We were especially interested in improving the wealth chi/qi in the house, which interestingly is by bringing the wealth chi/qi in through the bathroom window.

Shortly after completing the renovation, I've got a job that doubled my previous salary. My husband Sid's business improved throughout the year, and also the quality of his business relationships greatly improved. To top it off, we recently received a large sum of unexpected money from family.

All in all, the energy in our house is much calmer, more relaxing and suits our needs. We have been very happy with the changes, and marvel at how we would never have chosen these color schemes, etc., but how well suited they are to our temperament.

We are very happy!

Thank you for helping us with this. We were very lucky to get this done just as we were renovating!”
All the very best,
Alannah Wells
Vancouver, BC, Canada

July 2007

“Teresa, we can't thank you enough for the advice you gave us which resulted in the sale of our home. We had our house on the market for a month with only a few people going through it. There didn't seem to be much interest in the property, considering the gardens and all the upgrades to the home. We decided to call you and set up a Feng Shui consultation. After our consultation with you, we made the minor changes that you suggested. Basically, changing the color of some of our rooms, making sure all the clocks were running in the house, adding a water feature outside our kitchen door and some other minor changes. One week after our consultation we had an offer on our house. The house is sold and we are looking for our new home. We are very confident that with your help we will find the perfect place.”
Pat and Jim
Enderby, BC, Canada

June 2007

“Dear Teresa,

Thank you so much for the amazing time at our Professional Feng Shui Course, Modules 1 - 4. You are a great teacher; learning the art of Feng Shui was not exactly easy, but you made it understandable, and I enjoyed especially all your true stories about successful application of Feng Shui with your many happy clients. We had so much fun all together; it was truly the best course I ever went to.

I didn't have as much experience as the other students in class, but thanks to your recommendation to read"The Complete Idiot's Guide of Feng Shui"before I came to the class, I didn't have problems to keep up with the others. Thank you also for always taking the extra time to explain anything we couldn't grasp right away. Your examples and patient recapitulations of the characters of the stars, of the different systems of Feng Shui and their application tools like 8 wandering stars, Xien Tien Ba Gua, Hou Tien Ba Gua, He Tu numbers and the Flying stars, just to mention a few causes of confusion, when to use what, why that, and how - together with your humorous approach in teaching us - were very enlightening and heart-warming at the same time. By creating a fun and - for the complexity of the matter - relatively relaxed environment, you got us to eventually learn and memorize the essentials.

Also, I very much appreciated your advice regarding our 4 Pillars Charts. You gave me a better insight in what I should be doing to improve my life, and meet my destiny.

I hope I will be able to honour you as my teacher and Feng Shui Master by becoming a good practitioner with growing experience.
Warmest regards.”

“Master Teresa Hwang,

What an honor it was to attend classes with you. You helped immensely by putting all the pieces of the puzzle together so everything makes sense, it opened up my mind and I learned so much from you. Thank you so much for making it possible to understand concepts that were difficult to grasp on my own, the epiphanies were very exciting. Not only are you a caring human being you are truly an inspiration to me and I am sure all who meet you.

Thank you again Teresa, with admiration and affection,”


January 2007

“Dear Teresa,

Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!

Since following your instructions after having my house Feng Shuied, I have met my love counterpart, and we are departing soon on a year long sailing cruise.

I am very confident that all things you told me to do were directly responsible for my results, including the sale of my house that exceeded my expectations.

I am very happy and looking forward to clear sailing in the future.

All the best,”
Kelowna, BC Canada

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December 2006

“Seeking Teresa's advice was one of the first decisions I made after purchasing my business, Harris Flowers.

Teresa's careful consideration and well explained system both helped and reassured me, as I made changes within the space, to create a more productive and peaceful environment.

We receive compliments everyday on these changes, and the effect is palatable. As people enter the store, they become more peaceful and happier. Teresa's advice has helped us achieve business success.

Deb Leroux
Harris Flowers, Vernon BC
"The Impact of Flowers Never Fades"
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September 2006

“Since following Teresa's advicewe've experienced a noticeable increase in harmony and prosperity in our home and business. It's been a fascinating education / experiment in the ancient art of Feng Shui. We look forward to learning more!”
Dean and Tina
Mission, BC, Canada

“I recently moved into a condothat"required"some work as it did not have a good feel to it. I had heard about Feng Shui and thought that if I was going to put the time, effort and money into some redecorating, I may as well do it correct the first time. So I asked Teresa to come over and tell me what my condo needed according to her Feng Shui knowledge. Surprisingly, there wasn't a lot of work required - just some basic color changes along with some definite do's and don'ts, one of which meant exchanging my brand new red couches with a more neutral color. Fortunately, I was able to do the exchange on the couches and I have been grateful for this ever since. As soon as my new deep moss colored couches were moved into my living room, I knew Teresa gave me the right advice. They just felt right.

I have completed the major portion of redecorating and I cannot tell you for sure if it is the Feng Shui or not, or the fact that I now live in a low maintenance condo rather than a high maintenance house, but for whatever reason, my life has had a dramatic change. I have been having nothing but fun and laughs with great new friends. Lots of golfing, tennis, dancing and get togethers, plus I'm relaxed and comfortable in my little condo. You tell me...is it the Feng Shui???”
Vernon, BC, Canada

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November 2005

“Working with Teresa Hwang
In the past three months I have worked with Mrs. Teresa Hwang on the planning of our new home. Although we live in Greece, and this by itself could make communication and understanding a difficult task, she undertook the commission with professionalism and humanity.

She has assisted us all the way through choosing the appropriate plot of land and planning the house according to our family�s needs and the Feng Shui principles, covering each and every aspect of every day living.

Although we had to work through e-mails and photos, she has shown excellent understanding of the space and of our priorities. She has since been guiding us with a firm but gentle and unpretentious hand toward achieving the best with our environment.

Being familiar with the work of a number of Feng Shui writers and practitioners, what I find unique in Ms. Hwang is the combination of traditional knowledge, learnt skills in Feng Shui and her interior design training. She is also a fulfilled person, a wife and a mother, so she knows by experience about the practicalities of life. Furthermore, she has a keen interest in others by offering her knowledge and talent in charitable work, thus showing love, kindness and a genuine interest in others.

Her presence makes us feel comfortable, secure, at ease. I am confident that we have come to the right person and I encourage you to do so, too.”

Mrs. Irene Pappa, BA(Hons)
Kazantzaki 30
GR-45500 Ioannina, Greece

“It is my pleasure to provide Teresa Hwang, of Teresa Hwang Feng Shui&Design, with a testimonial regarding her knowledge of Feng Shui and application of Feng Shui principles in residential and business applications.

I studied under Teresa and obtained my Feng Shui certificates in Traditional Chinese Feng Shui from Teresa in 2004. Her knowledge of the subject and her ability to impart this knowledge is excellent. Changes made to my residence, as well as my business, based on Teresa's knowledge and skills have resulted in many positive outcomes in both locations.

I would recommend Teresa as a Feng Shui Consultant to anyone who is serious about receiving a professionally executed Feng Shui Consultation.”

Susan Scott
Owner, indulgences.because you deserve them
Summerland, BC, Canada

“You are amazing Teresa. My home has been very good for me thanks to you. I am now in a relationship (actually we were married last March) and the value of my property has almost doubled - I'm convinced it is my Red bathroom. The mirrors are all gone now, or else they have been covered by curtains. My partner has built a beautiful little zen garden outside my living room window. There is a little pagoda, moss covered rocks, a three tiered fountain that looks as if it has been there for centuries and lovely ferns surrounded by little stones. - Next project, the patio.

Your support with Feng Shui has been soooo incredible.
Fond regards,”
Doug Cameron
Vancouver, BC, Canada

“We had rearranged our home office several timesover the years - it never felt right. We are both"office people", but had never liked to work in this particular room. After the consultation with Teresa, we just have to rearrange a few things, and now the energy in this room is great, and the best thing is, it is working for both of us.

Since following Teresa's Feng Shui guidance, lots of good things happened in our life. Nothing spectacular, but many little things fell into place; and overall we are now having a much happier life and more energy to move ahead.

We can highly recommend booking a consultation with Teresa. It is time and energy well spent!”
Martin and Christine
Vernon, BC, Canada

“We were moving into our new homeand wanted to make it as excellent and supportive for our goals as possible. Ms. Hwang's suggestions were invaluable in creating a beautiful, supportive environment for our family. Our friends and neighbors are always commenting on how beautiful, comfortable and what good energy our home has. We are thrilled with the results we have seen as a result of our consultation.”
The Joshlins

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Comments of Workshop Participants - January 26 and 27, 2002
“Teresa: You were so very well organized. Very easy to understand. I enjoyed the past 2 days. I would recommend the workshop to others. Thanks for your great sense of humor, and sharing of your insights.�P.S. Look forward to follow up classes.”
Louise Bisbing
Cloverdale Paint
Vernon, BC, Canada

“This course has clarified a lot of questions that I was confused in. I am hoping it will help me in my renovations. I found you easy to listen to, and very much ready to answer questions. You were very patient with us. I found you a very good teacher. I would like to advance my learning to the Intermediate Level - Flying Star and then Advanced. Thank you very much.”
Sandy Sutherland
Vernon, BC, Canada

“Enjoyed learning about this Art. So much to learn. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.”
Terre Mooney
Lumby, BC, Canada

“Very good workshop. Would like you to carry on where we left off with this one.”
Heather Specken
Armstrong, BC, Canada

“The two day workshop gave me more information about Feng Shui. I'm glad I got the Fundamentals so I can expand my understanding. I will practice the methods with my house and others. Thanks again for the course.”

Jan Aarsen
Vernon, BC, Canada

“You did a great job! Very informative. You answered a lot of questions, and you explained each step clearly. I thought it was great that you explain the history of Feng Shui. I like the rule of thumb. I like the idea of the ever changing. The enhancing of the areas only when needed.”

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