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Mind, Body, Spirit & the Cosmic Trinity

In Chinese metaphysical studies, the concept of the Cosmic Trinity - Heaven, Earth and Man/Human aspects are intricately entwined together. We can look at the whole picture by their effects on our Path of Life. We can study the Heaven effect with Mian Xiang/Face Reading and Chinese astrology - the Four Pillars of Destiny and Zi Wei Duo Xu; the Earth effect with Feng Shui; and the Man/Human effect with divination, e.g. Yijing (I Ching), Plum Blossom, Qi Men Dun Jia and Da Liu Ren.

The moment a person is born determines his/her destiny. The prevailing Qi - energies at that exact moment in time and space enters his/her life, which will influence his/her character, abilities, and the potentials in life, luck, relationships, fortunes and misfortunes. All these factors are all determined by the type of Qi the spirit/soul is composed of at the moment of birth.

Chinese astrology - the Four Pillars of Destiny and Zi Wei Duo Xu is to study the spirit of the person, and to chart his/her Path of Life. The Path of Life is not a straight line, but a wide wave band of variable widths with ups and downs. The upper portion of this band indicates the maximum achievement the person can attain, and the lower portion the bare minimum of subsistence. The person has the freedom to choose wherever he/she wants to walk on this path. At every crossroad he/she is also free to choose whichever turn to take. The divination studies will also help the person in terms of the choice in making decisions.

The Four Pillars of Destiny is a study of the spirit of a person, which is based on the birth data - year, month, day, hour and place of birth; the calculation is done according to the local birth time of the Solar Calendar, not the Lunar Calendar nor the Gregorian Calendar. Fortunately with the help of computer software programs, these calculations can be done accurately without fear of any errors.

The Four Pillars of Destiny chart is comprised of the Natal Chart of year, month, day and hour pillars. Each pillar contains a Heavenly Stem on top, which is one of the Five Elements - Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal, with a Yin/Yang component; below are the Earthly Branches, each can consist of up to three different Elements, also with a Yin/Yang component. These give us the Character part of the reading.

And then there are the Luck Pillars, they are the Time aspect of the chart. These give us the Destiny part of the reading. We also have to take the Annual Pillars into consideration, as our annual luck also changes with the impact of the different yearly elements.

This together with Mian Xiang - the facial and physical features that we are born with is termed Xian Tian - Qi manifestations that come with birth.

The environment that we are born into, our upbringing and the environment that we live throughout our lives will influence us in different aspects; this is termed Hou Tian - Qi manifestations that come after birth. Our destiny is not carved in stone, neither is what shows on our face and physical body. They can change according to our choice of environment, lifestyle, mindset, degree of self-awareness and mindfulness - the cause and effect connection between our Mind, Body and Spirit.

Besides knowing what is in our Path of Life from the study of Chinese astrology, the study of Mian Xiang/Face Reading will help us understand our true nature better ... how we can utilize our strengths, overcome our weaknesses, and change the outcome of potential challenges and obstacles in our lives.

Apart from knowing what is in a person's Path of Life and Mian Xiang/Face Reading, the study of Feng Shui will help the person with a good environment to thrive in.

If he/she is going through a bad luck period, good Feng Shui will ensure his/her ability to tap into the most auspicious energies - good Wealth Qi to maximize on the earning capacity; and good Health Qi to provide good demeanor, good health and support from his/her family and friends in all endeavors.

If the person is going through a good luck period, good Feng Shui will help him/her with the way and means to accumulate wealth, assets, and build up a good physical health and support network, so he/she is well prepared for any future untoward circumstances. But bad Feng Shui in both instances will be detrimental in terms of the outcome at different points in time.

Last but not least, besides karmic effects, a person has to utilize the power of the mind in terms of the Man/Human Luck - a positive outlook, acquiring knowledge and wisdom, as well as spiritual development will bring everything into fruition.

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Written by Teresa Min Yee Hwang
Certified Interior Designer
Certified Feng Shui Research Centre Feng Shui Master & Lecturer
Feng Shui design and planning in residential and commercial projects, Chinese astrology, Face Reading, Divination and Date Selection.

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