Teresa Hwang Feng Shui & Design

Interior Designer, FSRC Feng Shui Master & Lecturer

Certified Feng Shui Master and Lecturer, FSRC Chinese Astrologer and Certified Interior Designer
Teresa Min Yee Hwang,
FSRC Feng Shui Master
When I was growing up in Hong Kong, I was very aware of the daily application of Feng Shui in all different aspects of life. The media was always mentioning about businesses, government offices, international banking communities, famous local figures, etc. asking for the advice of Feng Shui Masters on matters relating to building sites, burial grounds, exterior and interior building design, sheng or sha Qi, water features, landscaping, etc. My father was also a firm believer in Feng Shui; he was constantly rearranging furniture and moving homes when I was growing up, which annoyed my mother to no ends. I did not realize his purpose until I started studying Feng Shui myself.

When I finished my nursing training in Hong Kong, I went to Scotland to study Midwifery, and I also took Cardio-thoracic Intensive Care training in London, England. I enjoyed nursing and working with people from all walks of life and different parts of the world.

After I got married and had our first child in Scotland, we moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. I became very interested in Fibre Arts; I took various courses and workshops in colour & design, weaving & spinning, batik, basketry, sewing & garment design. After we moved to Vernon, British Columbia, my original and one-of-a-kind hand-woven garments won awards in various juried Fashion Shows in the Pacific Northwest.

In 1992, all the adult members of my family suffered major health problems, which got me interested in taking a serious look into Feng Shui and its effect on my environment. I started studying Feng Shui in earnest, and subsequently made changes in my home with great results.
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In 1997 I completed my Interior Design Certificate program at Okanagan University College, and started my Interior Design business. Since then, I have taken courses with various Masters on different aspects of Chinese metaphysical studies. As I realized Chinese Metaphysics is a life long study, I made the commitment to follow the ancient Chinese Feng Shui practice tradition, I have studied with Master Joseph Yu of Toronto, Ontario for the past 15 years, and will continue for many more years to come. I am currently one of Master Yu's Feng Shui Research Centre Feng Shui Masters and Lecturers.

I have been incorporating Traditional Chinese Feng Shui principles, with/without Interior Design according to the needs of my clients, for both residential and commercial premises. I have done numerous consultations on private homes and businesses, both on new construction and renovation projects. My work includes the design and planning of the Tom McMurtry & Peter Baerg Cancer Centre, the Doctors' Lounge and Admitting Area of the Vernon Jubilee Hospital. The Head Office of Ripley's Believe It or Not in Orlando, Florida; other small and large businesses including Montessori schools; investment holding and financial investment companies; orthodontic, physiotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and medical offices; beauty salons, restaurants, art gallery, dance studio, jewellery and floral shops; non-profit organisations, real estate development and sales companies. Involvement with my students's projects includes a Buddhist Center, ladies fitness gymnasium, business buildings as well as private home based businesses.

I have also designed our present home and garden according to the Traditional Chinese Feng Shui principles:
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I like to pass on my knowledge by teaching, and use my knowledge to help my clients with planning their new homes/ businesses, and renovations on their existing homes/businesses - to harness Auspicious Qi, and avoid Inauspicious Qi. I also help my clients on decisions of the buying and selling of real estate to their advantage.

My mission now is to continue learning, educate and work with the true teachings of Traditional Chinese Feng Shui - to achieve Health, Wealth and Happiness; ultimately Balance and Harmony in everyone's life.

Accredited Member of the Feng Shui Network Website: www.fengshuinetwork.net

Accredited Member of the International Feng Shui Guild Website: www.ifsguild.org/FengShui/

Visit Master Yu's website at www.astro-fengshui.com

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